Data Recovery & Backup in Meriden CT

Data Recovery & Backup 

Have you ever panicked because you thought you lost an important document?  How about an entire computer’s worth of data? It can be very traumatic to lose family photos, important documents, work files, tax returns and so much more.  We depend so heavily on computers that sometimes we don’t even know how much data we’ve lost.  At Meriden Computer Repair we will recover your data and set you up so you never have to worry again.

Fix My Computer NOW!

One of the more common reasons for data loss is hard drive failure.  Often computer owners are not aware that their hard drive is failing until it’s too late.  At Meriden Computer Repair we check your hardware as part of our computer tune-up package.  

Here is a list of things that indicate a failing hard drive:

  • Lost Data
  • Computer Functions Slow
  • Clicking Sound Coming From Computer
  • Computer Takes Longer to Boot
  • Computer Crashes/Error Messages
  • Programs Do Not Start


If you start to notice signs that your hard drive is failing the best thing to do is immediately turn your computer off and contact a professional.  The longer the computer runs the more likely you are to lose your data for good.

At Meriden Computer Repair our odds of recovering data are improved if the hard drive is accessible.  Call us right away and we will arrange an on-site visit or a pick-up.

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How Does a Hard Drive Fail?

Most of the time hard drives fail because of normal wear and tear.  The typical life of a non-SSD hard drive is 2-7 years.  In laptops and All-in-One computers, the life is a little shorter.  Here are some other reasons hard drives might fail:

  • Computer Trauma (Dropped, Slammed)
  • Electrical Surge or Sag
  • Virus/Malware
  • Excessive Dust/Poor Ventilation